Alleged Turkey-Killing Spree Earns Felony Charges For Teens

Three teenagers who allegedly went on a shooting spree on a Wisconsin turkey farm, killing scores of animals, have been charged with felony animal cruelty. According to the Associated Press, the boys, ages 14-16, broke into the farm last month and shot to death at least 100 turkeys and wounded countless others.

This case is remarkably similar to another turkey-killing case that occurred less than a year ago, in which 2 teenage boys broke into an Iowa farm and beat to death nearly 100 turkeys. But unlike that case, in which no animal cruelty charges were filed, the defendants in the Wisconsin case face felony animal cruelty charges. This is an important step for the protection of farmed animals and for gaining recognition that animal abuse, especially when perpetrated by children or young adults, is a violent crime with serious implications for the entire community's safety.


Thank the Baron County District Attorney for filing felony animal cruelty charges against those accused of the shooting spree at the Jenny-O Turkey Farm. Encourage her to settle for nothing less than a felony conviction and to seek, upon conviction, psychological counseling for them, to help prevent future violence.

Baron County Assistant DA Angela Holmstrom
330 E LaSalle Ave

Room 206
Barron, WI 54812
Phone: 715-537-6220

Fax: 715-537-6155

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