Belated Investigation Should Reign In Special Counsel Bloch

After a seven month delay, Office of Personnel Management
Inspector General Patrick McFarland will finally begin an investigation
into the misconduct of Special Counsel Scott Bloch. On March 3, 2005,
Bloch's own staff members and a coalition of whistleblower protection
and civil rights organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign,
filed a complaint against the Bush administration's appointee for
violating the very laws he is supposed to be enforcing.

Those violations include failing to uphold the long-standing
interpretation of federal law that protects federal civil service
employees from discrimination based upon sexual orientation.

"No bureaucrat has the right to single-handedly roll back decades-old
protections for workers securing our homeland and protecting our
nation's health," said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese.
"The Inspector General's investigation should finally reel in a renegade
appointee who has unilaterally ignored the law to satisfy his own
extremist agenda."

The White House and the current Director of the Office of Personnel
Management, Linda Springer, have stated that federal law and policy
prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation in the federal

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