Boycott Organic Dairy Feedlots & Tell USDA Not To Lower Standards

The Organic Consumers Association's (OCA) call for a boycott of Horizon and Aurora organic milk is resonating among consumers across the country and generating significant media coverage. Horizon Organic (owned by food giant Dean Foods) and Aurora are currently taking advantage of loopholes in organic regulations by purchasing the majority of their milk from intensive confinement dairy feedlots where the cows have little or no access to pasture. At their recent shareholders meeting in Dallas, Dean Foods executives expressed alarm over the public relations and investor fallout they are currently facing. Besides recommending that conscientious shoppers boycott Horizon and Aurora products, OCA is asking consumers to keep flooding the USDA with email letters calling for mandatory pasture access for cows on organic farms, as well as an end to the unethical practice of continuously importing calves from conventional farms to organic dairies. The USDA is accepting public comments on this issue until June 12. Over 40,000 OCA members and supporters have already taken the time to comment on this important issue, but we need thousands more to turn up the heat. Please take action now:

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