California Rulings An Important Step To Equal Parental Responsibilities

In three decisions affirming that same-sex couples should have the same responsibilities to their children that other families have, the California Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian parents who choose to have children together have a legal relationship to those children, with the same rights and obligations as other parents, including in the event of a breakup. Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese released the following statement on August 23rd:

"All parents should have the same responsibilities to children during a relationship and after one ends. These rulings affirm that not only do same-sex couples and their children need the same rights, but also the same responsibilities that come with creating a family.

"The U.S. Census tells us that same-sex couples are raising children in at least 96 percent of all counties in the nation and at least one out of three lesbian couples and one out of five gay male couples are raising children nationwide. Every one of these families deserves the same responsibilities and protections as their neighbors.

"We applaud the National Center for Lesbian Rights for their involvement in these cases that will protect children and families in California."

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