Celebrities put themselves on ‘the edge’ for wildlife on the edge via challenge generator web-app, Edge Pledge #AnimalWelfare

edge-pledge-logoEdge Pledge, the new challenge-based online app, raises money for wildlife on the brink of extinction. Edge Pledge enables anyone (and everyone) to become an Extinction Fighter by putting themselves ‘on the edge’. The web-app officially launches on 15 August 2016, with comedian Tommy Little, television and radio host Ash London, (The Loop , Shazam Top 20), Gossling, ARIA-nominated singer-songwriter, and Anna McGahan (actress) stepping up as the first Extinction Fighters.

The app’s world-first challenge generator takes users out of their comfort zone by finding three unique challenges which inspire them to do something out of the ordinary. Then it is up to family, friends and fans to vote, by pledging a donation, for the one challenge they most want to see the participant do. After a few weeks of voting, the Extinction Fighter then completes the challenge, documenting their experience with video or photos, and posting them on their social media to show those who pledged money how they were put ‘on the edge’.

“I love the idea of my family, friends and fans being a part of the whole process and choosing which challenge I do for the cause. It puts me even more on the edge” – Gossling.

Comedians including Tommy Little, Rove, Cal Wilson, Tegan Higginbotham and Claire Hooper are backing the cause, by acting as wildlife as part of a hilarious online video series (hosted by Ash London) that will go online in conjunction with the launch (www.edgepledge.com/videos).

Donations go to wildlife projects run by Edge Pledge’s ten environment partners – which include Taronga Zoo, Zoos Victoria, Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre, Conservation Volunteers Australia and Greening Australia – to help 16 wildlife including Marine Turtles (Nemo’s friends) and Coral in the Great Barrier Reef back from the brink.

Edge Pledge won’t duplicate the work of the many conservation organisations helping address this urgent need. Rather, it aims to fill an enormous gap—a source of regular, sustainable funding—by turning everyday people into Extinction Fighters by taking on a fulfilling challenge. Edge Pledge continues to work with the University of Melbourne and environmental partners to ensure that the wildlife projects funded are based on the best science.4-steps-of-edge-pledge

Australia has lost 30 mammals since European settlement and more than 1,700 native Australian animals and plants are officially on the brink of extinction. Prominent ecologist Hugh Possingham of the University of Queensland estimates it will cost at least $1 billion a year to get the balance right for wildlife and environments in Australia.

Edge Pledge is the brainchild of Sam Marwood, an environmental scientist with over a decade’s experience in policy, planning and managing Victoria’s natural environment. After years of observing that funding for essential environmental solutions is insufficient, Sam, and a handful of his long-time mates, invented Edge Pledge.

Staff from Australia’s largest tech company Atlassian and also Google Australia provided mentoring to the Edge Pledge team to help refine the app.

Edge Pledge has created a fun, tangible way for Australians to all become Extinction Fighters and do their bit for the environment, by completing an entertaining challenge and sharing the experience with family and friends.

Edge Pledge launched on Monday 15 August. To challenge yourself or your friend, or to find out more, jump onto edgepledge.com.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @EdgePledge #edgepledge

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