Comments Needed To Protect Oregon Wolves

In response to a slow migration of wolves into areas of Oregon from which
wolves were previously extirpated, the Oregon Department of Fish &
Wildlife (ODFW) is seeking comments regarding wolves and wolf management
in Oregon. Since 1999, only three wolves are known to have naturally
migrated into Oregon, all from Idaho. All were either killed or forcibly

Grey wolves have long been vilified by some vocal ranchers and
hunters, who blame them for everything from livestock losses to dwindling
deer and elk numbers. However, the truth is that deer and elk populations
are controlled by food and habitat availability, not wolves. In
neighboring Idaho, for example, one study revealed that wolves were
responsible for killing less than 2% of the elk population, while hunters
killed 15-17% of the elks in the study area. Moreover, wolf-livestock
conflicts can be prevented through primarily non-lethal means. Both
scientific evidence and practical experience have demonstrated that
common-sense non-lethal control methods, along with attempts to improve
livestock husbandry, are effective.

We need to flood the ODFW with positive support for wolves!
Send a brief, polite email to: (type "Wolf
Comments" in the subject line).

Request that:

  • Wolves continue to be listed as a State Endangered Species
  • A natural wolf recovery policy is adopted
  • Public awareness, through which human-wolf conflicts may be reduced or
    eliminated, is a priority for the agency.

(Don't forget to include your name and address!)

If you are an Oregon resident, attend a public townhall meeting in your
area! To find the nearest location, go to:

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