Community Leaders and Environmental Advocates Call on Fayette County Commission to Reject Compressor Station

On August 28th, the Sierra Club and Appalachian Mountain Advocates formally requested that the Fayette County Commission deny the necessary zoning change to allow Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP) to build a compressor station in their county. The MVP would transport fracked gas through West Virginia into Virginia. MVP wishes to build a compressor station for the pipeline on three parcels of land currently zoned for residential uses in Fayette County. Compressor stations are facilities that compress gas to increase its pressure and keep it moving through the pipeline. They are known for leaks of methane and other toxic chemicals that can cause a litany of health impacts to people who are exposed.
In response, Sierra Club Senior Organizing Representative Bill Price released the following statement:
“No community should be saddled with the dangers of a compressor station, which would threaten their health and enjoyment of their community. Allowing the change in zoning goes against the Comprehensive Plan that the people in Fayette County are proud of. The Mountain Valley Pipeline would transport dirty, dangerous fracked gas through Fayette County, threatening the community’s air, water and property values. The compressor station for the project must be rejected before it can threaten the rural lifestyle of Fayette County residents.”

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