Dolphin Captures Expanding In The Caribbean

Marine mammal protection advocates and environmentalists are alarmed at the capture and import of eight dolphins into the "Dolphin Discoveries" tourist attraction in Antigua in just the last month. The dolphins, apparently captured off the coasts of Mexico and Cuba, were imported by the facility after local government officials withdrew their previously-issued permit to capture wild dolphins from Antiguan waters.

Aside from the obvious psychological and physical health problems of holding dolphins in captivity (the mortality rate of dolphins increases approximately six fold in the first few months after capture), local environmentalists and animal advocates are concerned over the impact that such captures could have on the local marine ecosystems. Because dolphin populations off the coast of Cuba, Mexico and Antigua have not been adequately studied, the ecological impacts to these regions could be severe. Furthermore, legal experts are concerned that the dolphin imports and exports being conducted by Dolphin Discoveries may violate international law.


Please fax letters objecting to this capture immediately to the West Indies government. Ask them to rehabilitate and release the captured dolphins back into their native waters and to put a stop to all future captures and imports.

The Honorable Justin Simon
Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs
Antigua, West Indies: (1- 268) 462-2465

If possible, please email a copy of your faxed letter to:

If you are unable to pay the cost of faxing overseas, you may also email your letter to the above address with the directions "Print out and fax"in the subject line.

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