Ebell Pushing To Weaken Paris Climate Commitments, Calls It “Withdrawal”

On Thursday, Axios reported that climate denier and former EPA transition lead Myron Ebell may be pushing to weaken the United States’ commitments to the Paris Agreement, reporting that, “he prefers the administration pull out [of the Paris Agreement] entirely, but his rhetoric is softening oh so slightly, and he’s saying now that no matter what decision is made, it’ll be portrayed as withdrawal. ‘I’m pretty sure whatever they do they’re going to say it’s withdrawal,’ Ebell told Axios. ‘There are different ways to withdraw.’”
Trump is expected to make an announcement on the Paris Agreement ahead of the G-7 summit at the end of May.
In response, John Coequyt, the Sierra Club’s Global Climate Policy director, issued the following statement:
“Dramatically weakening our national commitments to reduce carbon pollution is a dangerous way the extremists in Trump’s orbit hope to sabotage the U.S.’s role in the Paris Agreement. Make no mistake, these reckless allies of polluters want to undermine the Paris Agreement in any way possible, even if it is at the cost of irreparable international blowback and forfeiting our global leadership role. It’s past time for this Administration to get serious on climate and diplomacy and uphold our international commitments.”

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