EDF Helps Defend Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act in U.S. District Court

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) joined a coalition of clean energy, public health, and consumer advocates to support Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act in the Northern District of Illinois U.S. District Court.

Illinois is asking the court to dismiss a complaint against the law’s zero-emissions policy. EDF, Citizens’ Utility Board, Respiratory Health Association, and Elevate Energy submitted an amicus, or “friend of the court,” brief in support of Illinois in the case (Electric Power Supply Association v. Star).

“Illinois’ energy policy supports its vital efforts to reduce climate pollution and to transition to clean energy – efforts that can provide profound benefits for the health and safety of Illinois families,” said Environmental Defense Fund Senior Attorney Michael Panfil. “That’s why we’re asking the court to secure Illinois’ fundamental authority to craft a strong clean energy policy.”

The case centers on Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act, which includes a Zero Emissions Credit program that requires the state to procure a percentage of its power from sources that don’t emit any climate pollution. EDF is supporting Illinois’ legal right to implement its pollution-reducing policies.

In addition to the Zero Emissions Credit program, the legislation dramatically expands the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives as well as modernizes the state’s electricity system. It enables Illinois to pursue innovative technologies and practices that will help it reach its air quality goals.


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