House Science Committee Embraced Alternative Facts Before They Were Popular

On February 7th, Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21) held a hearing of the House Science Committee to attack the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity is driving  climate change. Legislation dubbed the “Secret Science Reform Act” is also expected to be introduced in a deeply misguided effort to undermine climate action.
In response, Liz Perera, Sierra Club Climate Policy Director issued the following statement.
“No one should forget that Lamar Smith and his Republican colleagues were using ‘alternative facts’ in the House Science Committee before the Trump Administration made them popular, and today they proved again that they are national leaders in deceit. Smith is making a concerted effort to turn a committee meant to foster the innovation of the future into one that does the bidding of 19th century fossil fuel companies — and it’s deeply dangerous. Yelling at science will never change its findings that climate change is a very real threat to every one of our communities. This is another incident of oil-soaked Republican politicians burying their heads in the sand while the seas are rising, and we ought to all be very concerned.”

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