HRC Lauds Gov. Davis For Signing AB 205 Into Law

HRC lauded California Gov. Gray Davis on September 19th for signing
Assembly Bill 205 into law. The landmark bill, sponsored by Equality
California and authored by Assembly Member Jackie Goldberg, grants
registered domestic partners in California nearly all of the state level
legal protections and rights currently available only to married

"Gov. Davis and fair minded leaders in the State Senate and Assembly
have taken a grand leap toward supporting and protecting all Californian
families. AB 205 will help ensure that same-sex couples will have many
of the fundamental protections and benefits that most Californians take
for granted," said HRC Senior Field Organizer Dan Furmansky, who
attended the bill signing ceremony.

"Gov. Davis and the people of California are sending a clear message
that they support family values for all families," said Geoffrey Kors,
executive director of Equality California, the statewide GLBT civil
rights advocacy group. "This bill will help to provide meaningful
protections and security to thousands of California's gay and lesbian
couples and their families."

AB 205 provides couples who are registered as domestic partners with
protections such as child custody and child support requirements, the
right to make funeral arrangements, community property, financial
support during and after a relationship, mutual responsibility for
debts, and death benefits for surviving partners of police and

For more information on A.B. 205, please visit:, for more information on
Equality California, please visit:

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