Letters Needed To Urge Action In Cruel Cat Killing Case

The Eagle Herald (7/16) has reported that the prosecuting attorney for Alger County, Michigan has decided not to investigate and pursue animal cruelty charges against three police officers who allegedly drowned a cat in the Menominee River last December. According to reports, Sgt. Alan Gritzon, Officer Chad Racine and Officer Brooke Foster of the Menominee Police Department decided to kill the cat by submerging her within her carrier into the icy river after the cat's caretaker said she no longer wanted her.

In explaining her decision to not prosecute, Alger County Prosecuting Attorney Karen Bahrman told the Eagle Herald that "trapping and its methods do not constitute cruelty to animals." The decision has outraged animal protection advocates who see Bahrman's argument as specious, at best.

In a letter to Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox, HSUS Counsel to Investigations Ann Chynoweth wrote, "[I]t is not the "trapping"of the cat

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