More than 150 Cats Rescued from Powell, Wyo., Home

The Humane Society of the United States is helping the Park County Prosecutor’s Office and the Park County Sheriff’s Department remove more than 150 cats from deplorable living conditions at a Powell residence today. Park County Sheriff’s Department deputies served a seizure warrant for the animals today, and many of the cats were discovered with significant medical issues, including upper respiratory infections, ear mites, tumors and emaciation.

“The Humane Society of the United States is grateful to the Park County Prosecutor’s Office and Park County Sheriff’s Department for upholding the cruelty laws and calling us in to rescue these animals,” said Adam Parascandola, director of Animal Cruelty Issues for The HSUS. “Hoarding situations often start with good intentions, but when animals are suffering, the law must be enforced.”

When responders arrived at the Powell home, they found large numbers of cats living in filthy quarters. Many of the animals are believed to have been housed for long periods of time in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. There were also newborn cats and pregnant cats in the home despite the efforts of the cat owners to separate the animals into male and female groups.

The HSUS is safely removing all of the animals and transporting them to a nearby, temporary shelter designed specifically for this rescue by The HSUS. Upon arrival, the cats are receiving thorough veterinary checks and any necessary medical treatment. PetSmart Charities ® also donated much-needed sheltering supplies for the rescued animals.

The HSUS will care for the cats at the temporary shelter at the Park County Fairgrounds until they are ready to be transported. Once all of the animals have proper medical documentation, The HSUS will transport them to rescue groups that will place the cats up for adoption.

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