New analysis shows Mexico’s draft methane regulations can deliver on emissions reduction goal but swift implementation is key

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Clean Air Institute (CAI) today released a joint analysis of the Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment’s (ASEA) recently proposed federal regulations to limit methane emissions from Mexico’s oil and gas sector.

Methane is a powerful climate pollutant and the primary component of natural gas. Large quantities of methane can escape through leaks and venting across the oil and gas supply chain. ASEA’s draft regulations aim to reduce methane pollution by 40-45% by 2025 in order to achieve the country’s international climate commitments.

EDF and CAI’s analysis, “Leading Regulatory Practices to Abate Oil & Gas Methane Emissions: Lessons Learned for Mexico,” notes that Mexico’s proposed regulations are in line with international best practices to reduce oil and gas methane emissions and offers a few suggestions for how the draft regulations can be improved.

“Mexico has shown real leadership in developing these regulations, incorporating learnings from other jurisdictions effectively controlling oil and gas methane pollution. If finalized, with only minimal changes to strengthen the draft rules, these regulations would put the country well on its way to meeting international climate goals.

– Drew Nelson, Director International Affairs, Energy, Environmental Defense Fund

As Mexico’s energy sector is poised for expansion, the urgency of addressing the methane problem grows. Finalizing strong regulations quickly can help secure Mexico’s energy independence and ensure the growing oil and gas industry operates as efficiently as possible.

“The next administration has an opportunity to maximize the economic, public health and climate benefits of reducing methane emissions, while continuing Mexico’s international leadership on climate issues. Swiftly finalizing and implementing these regulations is the key.”

– Sergio Sanchez, CEO and Executive Director, Clean Air Institute

ASEA’s draft regulations are now open for public consultation. EDF and CAI are engaged with local stakeholders to submit feedback on the regulations before the comment period closes thirty working days following the publication of the draft rules on July 27, 2018.

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