Politics Of Division Fails In Senate

By a stunning bipartisan vote of 48 to 50, the Senate today
rejected the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). This was a crucial
victory sending a strong message in Washington and throughout America
that politics of distraction will fail. The 48 senators who backed this
divisive amendment couldn't even muster a simple majority.

"This was an attempt to divide Americans that backfired and divided
Republicans" said Cheryl Jacques, President of the Human Rights

The defeat of the FMA occurred following a stunning week on Capitol
Hill. After a year of monopolizing precious Senate time on Senator
Allard's Federal Marriage Amendment, the Republican leadership

"Faced with an embarrassing defeat, the Senate leadership rejected an up
or down vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment," added Jacques. "This
debate has always been about politics and undermining the Constitution
is their tool."

Every poll shows the American people want Congress focused on issues
like rising health care costs, the hemorrhaging of jobs and the War in
Iraq. Gay marriage and the Federal Marriage Amendment rank last on the

"The optimism and fairness of the American people will prevail." added

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