Poll Reveals Upscale Shoppers Strongly Prefer Fur-Free Department Stores

The Fund for Animals recently released

polling data indicating that high-income shoppers prefer

department stores with socially responsible merchandise

policies and stores that do not sell fur products such as fur

coats and fur-trimmed clothing.

The survey revealed that 54% of consumers consider selling

fur products to be socially irresponsible. By more than a

four-to-one margin, consumers prefer to shop at stores

which do not sell fur.

The preference consumers have for department stores not

selling fur is further evidenced by the fact that 47% of

consumers disapprove of stores selling fur, compared to only

35% who approve.

The survey was conducted by the nationally respected

polling firm, Decision Research. From September 25-27,

2001, researchers interviewed 400 high-income consumers in

four metropolitan areas (Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco

and Washington) where Neiman Marcus operates stores. The

poll has a sampling error of + or – 4.9%.

According to Michael Markarian, executive vice president of

The Fund for Animals, “These results confirm what we have

known all along: that upscale consumers want fashion with

compassion. Neiman Marcus and other retailers should be

responsive to their customers’ needs rather than continue to

be responsible for unnecessary cruelty to animals who suffer

and die for fur. With plenty of warm and fashionable

alternatives, there is simply no reason to wear fur in the

21st century.”

Animals killed for fur coats and fur-trimmed clothing suffer

for hours or days in steel-jawed leghold traps, or live their

entire lives in tiny, barren cages on fur farms. “Their misery

only ends when they are clubbed, stomped, gassed, or

electrocuted,” Markarian pointed out.

The Fund for Animals has requested a meeting with Neiman

Marcus executives in order to discuss the poll results and

help the company improve its image with its upscale

customers who oppose the inhumane treatment of animals

for fur. Added Markarian, “Neiman Marcus prides itself on

being ahead of the curve. The company should show its

leadership in the fashion industry by developing a socially

responsible merchandise policy and no longer selling fur


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