Say ‘No’ To Trade In Marine Mammals

In 1992, a baby orca, dubbed “Kshamenk,” was stranded, along with three

other orcas, off the Argentine coast. While the three other whales

apparently freed themselves, Kshamenk was taken into captivity under a

‘rehabilitation and rescue’ effort by “Mundo Marino S.A.,” an Argentinian

marine park. Because Argentina has strict laws prohibiting the capture of

marine mammals for public display, many animal advocates find the

circumstances behind Kshamenk’s “rescue” to be highly questionable. There

has always been serious speculation that Mundo Marino’s “rescues” were

simply vehicles for circumventing Argentina’s prohibition on marine mammal


Now, ten years later, Mundo Marino is trying to ship Kshamenk to an

amusement park in Ohio, so that he can serve out the rest of his life as

an amusement park attraction. While the National Marine Fisheries Service

(NMFS) has issued Funtime, Inc. (doing business as “Six Flags”) a permit

to import the orca Kshamenk into the U.S., the Argentinian government has

yet to grant it an export permit. If the Argentinian government does

decide to grant the permit, it will set a terrible precedent of allowing

facilities like Mundo Marino to capture wild animals under the pretenses

of “rescuing” them, only to sell them to foreign, profit-driven companies.


Contact Argentinian authorities and ask them to deny the export permit

requested by Mundo Marino S.A. to transfer the Argentinian orca “Kshamenk”

to the U.S.

  1. Lic. Oscar Padín, Argentinian Director of Ichthyology and Aquaculture:

  2. Ing. Ftal. Carlos Merenson, Secretary of Sustainable Development &
    Environmental Policy:

  3. Victoria Lichtschein, Argentinian CITES authority:

Tell the Argentine authorities that granting an export permit to Mundo
Marino will only validate what is a highly questionable and possibly
illegal response to marine mammal strandings— a "rescue" and
"rehabilitation" of a basically healthy animal that inevitably leads to a
permanent life in captivity.

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