Senator Frist and Friends Pursue Thinly-Veiled Attempt to Distract Voters with Discrimination

On May 25th, Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese called out
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's politically motivated attack on gay
Americans as the Senator pushed a discriminatory amendment to the
U.S. Constitution.

"Senator Frist and his right wing allies can't credibly campaign for
reelection on real solutions to America's real problems, because they
have no solutions and they created the problems. Instead, Frist and
his right wing friends are playing politics with the Constitution and
bashing a single group of Americans. That's not an agenda any American
is talking about at the gas pump, the emergency room, or veterans'
hospital. It's time for Senator Frist to listen to Laura Bush, Dick
Cheney, John Danforth and other Republican leaders and put the American
people ahead of his discriminatory politics." said Human Rights Campaign
President Joe Solmonese.

Solmonese continued, "The American people know that marriage has
absolutely nothing to do with the high cost of gas, the war in Iraq or
the prohibitive price tag on health care. The consequences of immoral
leadership are a one-two punch: as they scapegoat hard-working
Americans and try to put discrimination in the Constitution, the
challenges facing are nation go unanswered – it's shameful."

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