Sierra Club slams Republican bill to eliminate EPA

Congressional Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, has introduced a bill in the House that would terminate the EPA by the end of 2018.
In response, Sierra Club Legislative Director Melinda Pierce released the following statement:
“Congressional Republicans have finally pulled back the curtain and revealed their true agenda: completely eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency and dismantling everything it does to protect our air, our water, and the health of American families. This bill would do nothing less than put the lives of thousands upon thousands of Americans at risk. After decades of trying smoke and mirror tactics to break the EPA, this bill finally makes things explicit and puts them in the clear light of day. The fact is that the American people will not stand for this egregious overreach, and Congressional Republicans should expect their town halls to remain full, their phone lines to remain jammed, and their lives remain difficult if they continue to recklessly put the profits of polluters ahead of the needs of their own constituents.”

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