Statement from Carter Roberts on the passing of Dr. Luc Hoffmann #WWF #LucHoffmann

In response to the passing of Dr. Luc Hoffmann, WWF issued the following statement from Carter Roberts, president and CEO: Dr. Luc Hoffmann was a global conservation legend. His passion for conservation and unparalleled scientific expertise helped create WWF and ushered in a new era of environmental awareness. His holistic approach to preserving landscapes and species was ahead of its time, and still informs the work WWF does today. Dr. Hoffmann represented a generation of environmentalists who believed that by working together we could solve any problem the planet faced. We will honor Dr. Hoffmann by continuing to practice the innovative, inclusive conservation in which he so deeply believed. His was a life well-lived, and his legacy of service, stewardship and vision has left the world a better place. Read more about Dr. Hoffmann's legacy  

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