Talk Show Host-Resigns

The resignation of Dr. Laura Schlessinger from her controversial radio show demonstrates the impact people of good conscience can have when they speak out against intolerance, said National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial.

Morial earlier this week called for Schlessinger’s syndicators to drop her show after she made racially insensitive statements and repeatedly used the “n-word.”

“Dr. Schlessinger’s attitudes are a relic of our shameful past,” Morial said. “We had no choice but to speak out, and we’re pleased with the result.  We will always expose intolerance and bigotry wherever it’s found and do what we can to put a stop to it.”

In responding to a caller on Aug. 10 who complained that her husband’s friends and relatives use racial slurs and make racially demeaning comments, Schlessinger scoffed, “some people are hypersensitive.”  She noted that “black guys” use the n-word “all the time,” and repeated the word several times for emphasis.

An audio file of the exchange is available on the MediaMatters website at the following link:

“As the nation works toward racial reconciliation and a celebration of diversity, we need to make it clear that this kind of divisiveness and casual use of racial slurs have no place among the public discourse,” Morial said.

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