Tell Jeep "Thanks" For Compassionate Message

Jeep, a DaimlerChrysler subsidiary, recently ran a television commercial
that animal advocates everywhere can appreciate. The commercial depicts a
man driving a Jeep with two deer tied to the roof, who, at first glance,
appear to be a hunting conquest. The driver passes two hunters who
exchange looks of admiration over their "fellow hunter's" success.
However, the driver continues on to a grassy area with a "No Hunting" sign
and releases the deer, who are actually alive, to safety. Not
surprisingly, hunters everywhere are furious with Jeep for portraying
animal rescuers so positively. They have inundated Jeep with so many
complaints that DaimlerChrysler has withdrawn the advertisement, stating,
"We did not anticipate this story line would evoke such a negative emotion
among some viewers. Obviously, we underestimated the sensitivity of this
issue. Because this is so emotionally charged, we will no longer continue
this campaign."


Please let Jeep know that many viewers appreciate the compassionate
sentiment featured in the advertisement. The ad contains appropriate
content. Write to:

DaimlerChrysler, Outside Suggestions Office
CIMS: 483-01-07
800 Chrysler Dr. E.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2757
phone: 800-925-JEEP
fax: 248-512-1760

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