Tell Your Senators To Ditch Dorr

Thomas Dorr, a staunch proponent of factory farms who once declared,
"factory farming is a model for the future," has been nominated to become
USDA's new undersecretary for rural development under the Bush
Administration. Dorr's appointment would be disastrous for animals and the
environment, paving the way for factory farms to further dominate the
agriculture scene. Factory farms are notorious for both the animal
suffering they inflict (with horribly congested, filthy, stressful and
unhealthy conditions) and the tremendous amount of waste they dump into
the environment, fouling waterways and generating a stench that carries
for miles. Despite this, Dorr's vision for the future, as outlined in a
1998 interview with the New York Times, calls for county-sized corporate
farms, averaging 225,000 acres, to be operated as giant agricultural
factories. He has denounced sustainable agriculture programs that promote
more humane alternatives.


Call your two U.S. Senators today (Congressional Switchboard:
202/224-3121) and urge them to "OPPOSE Thomas Dorr's nomination for USDA
undersecretary for rural development." Let them know that Dorr's
appointment to this key position would spell disaster for animals, the
environment, and rural communities nationwide. If you need to identify the
names of your Senators, visit: or call The HSUS at (202)

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