The Zero Waste Club: Via Organica wants to make San Miguel de Allende the First Zero-Waste City

The objective of the Zero Waste movement is to move all reusable, recyclable, and organic matter out of landfills. Composting is an important part of the Zero Waste movement. Food waste that would otherwise be rotting in the landfill, releasing dangerous methane gas and making garbage haulers and pickers sick, is instead transformed into an essential ingredient in healthy soils.

With a 50 peso (about $4 US) donation, residents can become part of Via Organica’s Zero Waste Club. We give them two buckets; a small, black one for kitchen scraps and a big, white one for storage until they deliver it, full, to Via Organica. We will take all food scraps to our organic farm school and turn it into healthy compost! When they drop off a full bucket we give them a clean one in return.

In addition, we are urging people to separate all non-food items that go to the dump. In Mexico glass and aluminium is valuable, so it is separated out before being taken to the landfill. This is a dirty and dangerous job. Many trash-pickers get sick and injured on the job. If we separate your garbage before it goes to the landfill then garbage pickers won’t have to, making it more likely that the materials will get recycled and the garbage workers will not get sick or injured picking through our trash.

In the United States, green-minded cities like San Francisco and Seattle have now passed laws requiring all household and commercial food wastes to be separated and composted. We’re following their lead and becoming pioneers in Mexico’s Zero Waste future.

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