Tough Questions For Judge Roberts

The guessing game may be over regarding President Bush's Supreme Court
nominee, but there is still a lot that's unknown about his pick: Judge
John G. Roberts. Roberts, a judge on the U.S. court of appeals for the
District of Columbia circuit, has an extremely disturbing record in
opposition to Roe v. Wade dating from his days as a lawyer for the
Reagan administration.

He has no paper trail specifically on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transgender issues. But we know this: President Bush has nominated more
than 200 judges to the federal courts. Not one of them has been on
record supporting GLBT equality. Not one of them has spoken out in favor
of a woman's right to choose. While speculation is that the Senate will
wait until September for confirmation hearings, the Human Rights
Campaign is already lobbying senators to ask Judge Roberts the tough
questions. Continued …

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