Turning anger and pain into action in wake of Orlando tragedies

Christina Grimmie performs at the To the Rescue! benefit gala, in support of HSUS animal rescue work, in November 2015.

The entire nation is grieving over a series of tragic incidents that have taken place in Orlando within the last week. The mass shooting on Saturday night at a gay nightclub in the city. A two-year-old baby killed by an alligator after he went missing Tuesday night. And in a separate incident on Friday night, one that hit close to home for The HSUS, we lost one of our brightest lights, when 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie was murdered. Grimmie, who was a spokesperson for The HSUS, was an uplifting presence in our advertising, and a performer at our events.

Christina would have been so pleased to learn that yesterday, with her as our celebrity spokesperson, The HSUS was awarded $250,000 through the Charity Champions program to support our work. We competed against dozens of other charities, and Christina’s millions of fans made sure that her legacy of compassion will carry on by putting her and The HSUS on top.

In honor of this gift, and Christina’s central role in achieving it, The HSUS has created the Christina Grimmie Animal Medical Fund. We’ll use the money to assist with the healing of animals saved by our Animal Rescue Team, whether they are seized from puppy mills, dogfighting syndicates, hoarding cases, or other dire circumstances. It’s one thing to take the animals out of a tough situation, but it’s another matter to help them, physically and psychologically, and that’s what this fund will enable at an even higher level.

Our team travels all over the nation to help animals in crisis. Christina was deeply concerned about these animals, and wanted to help bring food, water, medical treatment, and tenderness to them. This fund will be a permanent one at The HSUS, and it will start with the $250,000 that comes from the Charity Champions competition. In this way, Christina’s legacy for helping animals will live on, and she’ll always be a part of the HSUS family.

Our cause has lost one of its greatest champions, and the world one of its most promising young voices. If you want to remember Christina, and want to help so many innocent animals in crisis, here’s a way for you to show your support.

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