Update– Cypress Egg Farm Cruelty

The recent, massive cruelty case at Cypress Foods' egg-laying facilities
in Georgia and Florida underscores the abuse inherent in modern factory
farms. After Cypress Foods declared bankruptcy, more than one million of
its egg-laying hens were left to starve to death, trapped in row upon row
of tiny cages within giant warehouses. While a handful of these birds
were rescued, the vast majority who were still alive when rescuers
discovered them were ultimately killed by being gassed or crushed to

To date, investigators have been dragging their feet in bringing
cruelty charges, despite the fact that Florida law explicitly requires
that an animal's "owner" (which can include a corporation) provide food
and water for the animals. Says the Tampa Tribune of this terrible
tragedy, "Florida has strict laws against inflicting cruelty on animals,
either purposely or through neglect. It does not matter whether animals
are pets or used to produce food. Under the law, all must be protected
from such cruel treatment. Clearly, this is a case of miserable failure
and neglect that requires the prosecution of those deemed responsible."


Recently, we asked you to contact the Pasco County State's Attorney, in
hopes that he would ensure a thorough investigation by the Pasco County
Sheriff. Now, we need letters to go directly to Sheriff Bob White, asking
why cruelty charges have yet to be filed against Cypress Foods. Please let
him know that both Fla. law and common decency demand that this cruelty be

Sheriff Bob White
Pasco County Sheriff's Office

8700 Citizen Dr.

New Port Richey, FL 34654
Fax: 727-844-7742

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