Victory Against Deadly Navy LFA Sonar

In a resounding victory for whales and other marine mammals, a federal court has ruled that, contrary to the Bush Administration's directives, the Navy may not deploy its high-intensity LFA sonar system across most of the world's oceans.

The LFA (Low Frequency Active) sonar system, which is used to detect submarines, delivers noise blasts so intense that they may deafen, injure, and even kill any whales or other marine mammals who happen to be in its path.

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth LaPorte agreed that the LFA sonar could "irreparably harm" marine life, and ordered the Navy to begin negotiations with The HSUS, the National Resources Defense Council, and other plaintiffs on a plan for safely deploying the sonar system in a limited area.

This ruling sends a clear message to the Bush Administration– which had given the Navy virtually free rein to operate its LFA sonar system in 75% of the world's oceans– that it cannot flout our nation's environmental laws.

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