WWF Statement on 2018 Adaptation Gap Report

Commenting on the 2018 Adaptation Gap Report, WWF issued the following statements:

Ryan Bartlett, World Wildlife Fund’s lead for climate risk management, said:
“The extreme fires, flooding, and droughts we’ve seen across the US in recent years are not random. They are real-life examples of how climate change is already affecting our communities and economy.

“The science is clearer than ever that our future will not look like our past. We need to get serious about responding and preparing for a much warmer world.

“As one of the biggest emitters, the US needs to keep sharp focus on reducing emissions. But that’s not enough. We need to make sure Americans who are already on the front lines of climate change are prepared. All US cities should have a plan in place that helps protect their residents from extreme weather events like droughts, floods, and fires. Sadly, many do not. Current infrastructure systems throughout the US, designed for a previous climate, are highly vulnerable to the changes underway.

“Nature has a critical role in safeguarding our future. Some of the most powerful, but underutilized, tools we have are what nature has already given us to weather these storms. Ensuring coastal forests like mangroves are well managed and keeping upstream forests in tact can help buffer against storm surge and also help slow water flows during intense rainfall.”

Sandeep Chamling Rai, WWF’s Senior Global Climate Adaptation Policy Advisor, said:

“This report shows that finance to build climate resilience is nowhere near the level needed to combat these threats, and the gap is widening further.

“If we don’t act now, everyone will suffer but the world’s most vulnerable will be impacted most.

“Developed countries must urgently provide scaled-up public funding and invest in building climate resilience in vulnerable developing countries. These countries are on the forefront of the worst impacts of climate change but have contributed the least to this chaos. This will bring us closer to achieving the Global Adaptation Goal of the Paris Agreement.”

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