Always Sunny in Watkins Glen: Take a Self-Guided, Virtual Tour of Farm Sanctuary #AnimalRescueTour

This weekend marks the end of the visitor season at our New York Shelter. As the temperatures start to drop, it’s vital that we turn our attention towards keeping all sanctuary operations running as smoothly as
possible, no matter what challenges the upcoming season may bring. Shelter staff has been busy winterizing barns and organizing much-needed supplies to ensure our rescued residents stay as warm, safe, and happy as possible throughout the colder months. And while we’ll miss interacting with guests from far and wide, we’re thrilled to have hosted our humanimal friends throughout the course of the season for our public tours, events, and Bed & Breakfast program – and the memories we’ve shared will keep our hearts warm no matter how cold this winter may be.

Jan helps Portia get ready for her close-up.

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Jan shares a tender moment with Pamela hen.

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With Kirsty between shots.

You’ll pass photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur of WeAnimals while visiting the herd at

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However, it can be just as easy and fulfilling to connect with farm animals from the
comfort of your own home – to learn about their incredible journeys, support
their new lives at sanctuary, and advocate for improved conditions for
countless animals just like them. Thanks to the Farm Sanctuary “360°

Virtual Tour,” courtesy of Danish activist
Jan Sorgenfrei, we can do just that!

Now, our flagship New York Shelter in Watkins Glen is just a click away at


“When I heard that a majority of the supporters of the farm never get to travel to visit the animals, I thought this would be a great way to let the animals come to them,” says Jan, who is co-founder of Anima, the leading farm animal organization in Denmark.


Sharing a snack with Jackie, Christina, Olaf, and Robin. Plant power!

Jan created this 360°-panoramic tour, to share a beautiful summer day he experienced last year. Farm Sanctuary provides a healing place not only for the animals who call our shelters home, but also a respite for animal advocates like Jan, who frequently bear witness to the more heartbreaking aspects of society’s relationships with farm animals.

It can be debilitating to focus on what is wrong in the world, and how our own actions may be implicit in animal suffering. So he thought about telling a more positive story

to show that when we view the world through a compassionate lens, we can inspire more people to connect with these ambassadors for their species and make a difference. “And hopefully [through the Virtual Tour], we will reach far outside the supporters’ ranks and inspire people who’ve always thought of farm animals as nothing more than convenient resources,” says Jan. 

Reaching beyond the fold has been a part of Jan’s vocation for the past 16 years. That marked the start of Anima,

which gives voice to all animals. Jan saw the importance of sharing what he saw; raising awareness about the treatment of animals and showcasing animal sentience through his photography.


“In contrast with most photographers it wasn’t a passion for me, but no one else knew about photography so I had to pick it up,” Jan reflects. “That’s the way it’s been with most skill sets when you build your own organization. You have to fill out every role the first years and be able to learn all the skills required to run thing smoothly… so this was the same approach I had to photography and film production as well.”

Through Jan and his team’s work, Anima evolved from an ambitious side-project to an 8,000-member proponent of positive change. Jan’s outlook about the strategies required to conduct this work has also changed over the years, allowing him to grow as an activist and to produce quality content that inspires compassionate change.

“Photography is becoming part of how I see the world now,” Jan says. “So many amazing stories are waiting to be told!” And thanks to Jan and his team, Farm Sanctuary can share the stories and lives of our rescued residents through a unique platform, allowing more and more people to experience Farm Sanctuary life than ever before.


All beings have a story to tell, including these turkey poults, who were dropped off by the “Turkey Fairy” overnight last year.


The Virtual Tour allows a means of “flying” to visit the turkeys or any one of our New York Shelter’s prime spots for getting up-close with Farm Sanctuary’s animal ambassadors. 

Jan hopes that his work will encourage people to see farm animals in a new light; to recognize the dignity and beauty that these beings possess when we value them as the magnificent individuals they have the potential to be. “I hope the supporters of Farm Sanctuary will join us in a visit of the farm and meet some spectacular animals and hear their stories,” Jan says. “And I hope you will share this invitation with the people in your social networks. Give the animals at Farm Sanctuary a chance to be a voice for their sisters and brothers locked up in factory farms. A chance to change a heart.”


Jan plans his next shot in the pig pasture…


…and gets up close and personal with Portia! “I hope you’re capturing my good side!”

We are so
appreciative of Jan’s work and his dedication to helping all beings enjoy the
peace and love that we all deserve. When we focus on the positive relationships
we may create with one another, it is incredible how enriched our own lives
become when we align our actions with our values and put compassion first. We
are excited to bring these inspiring ambassadors for their species to more
people than ever before, and value Jan and his team’s efforts to make
compassionate living as accessible and fulfilling as possible.


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