Amelia: The Silly One – Who’s the silliest goat of all? #AnimalRescue

Amelia: The Silly One

Who’s the silliest goat of all? That would be Amelia, who was among those seized in January from a Cornwall, CT cheese-making operation. In spite of her rough start, Amelia is super friendly, super funny, and super carefree which makes her so much fun to be around!
And those ears…. How can you not love those incredible, magnificent, adorable ears!
When she arrived she was emaciated and very sick.  She required antibiotics to deal with her pneumonia and need to eat a whole lot of good food to gain the much needed weight.  And that voice….There is no one in the world like this funny goat when it comes to her voice… and she uses it well.  Mostly it is heard when she feels she is not getting the human attention she deserves.
And she love her humanimals.  She is a true snuggle bug- and she also loves the babies.  Her introduction to the baby Maggie was full of play and silliness; nothing less would have been expected.
With her best best pal Valerie; Amelia can get through everything.   She has some big health issues from her Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis, like a chronic cough, but overall life is good for this super happy girl!
The only things she is not nice are the trees.
Look what I did.  Nice.   
  Amelia and her friends remind us that the small choices we make every day can have a big effect on the well-being of animals. Well-meaning but uninformed purchases can inadvertently support animal suffering, so it’s important to learn the facts about the businesses you patronize. A compassionate world begins with you!

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