Americans Testify for Clean Energy Incentive Program at Chicago Hearing #CleanEnergy #EPA

People from across America gathered in Chicago on August 2nd for a public hearing about the proposed Clean Energy Incentive Program — a voluntary component of the historic Clean Power Plan.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) was among those testifying in support of the Clean Energy Incentive Program, saying:

“The [Clean Energy Incentive Program] will further the Clean Power Plan’s goals by incentivizing early action to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector—strengthening the progress America is already making in this realm—and by helping to ensure that all Americans, including the most disadvantaged, can benefit from clean energy.” (EDF testimony, page 1)

The Clean Energy Incentive Program enables states and tribes to reward early investments in wind and solar power projects or demand-side energy efficiency measures that will help reduce climate pollution. The voluntary program is one of the provisions of the Clean Power Plan – the historic plan to put the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from fossil-fuel fired power plants. States and tribes that choose to take part in the Clean Energy Incentive Program can get matching credits for investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in low-income communities.

The Clean Energy Incentive Program will create clean energy jobs and lower energy costs for low-income communities—at the same time that it helps keep American communities safe from the dangers of climate change.

“States are already moving forward with the Clean Power Plan to protect public health, strengthen our economy, and keep communities safe from the dangers of climate change. California just released its blueprint for meeting goals yesterday, and other states – red, blue and purple, are also making progress,” said Pam Kiely, EDF’s senior director for regulatory strategy. “The Clean Energy Incentive Program will help those states meet the goals they’re already striving for.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled the Clean Energy Incentive Program proposal in June after extensive discussions with states and local governments, tribes, utilities, community groups and others. The proposal came in response to requests from more than a dozen states to provide further guidance and information about the program. In a letter to EPA’s Janet McCabe, fourteen states highlighted their need for additional information and assistance related to the final Clean Power Plan, and asked that EPA provide this information as it “will be important to our state efforts to prudently plan for and implement a variety of state and federal obligations.” EPA’s work to provide Clean Energy Incentive Program program details is fully consistent with the Clean Power Plan stay. Under the last three administrations, EPA has undertaken similar implementation-related actions while stays of Clean Air Act rules have been pending.

Along with today’s hearing in Chicago, EPA is also holding a 60-day public comment period for the Clean Energy Incentive Program.


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