Baylor University’s Cruelty Connection

Baylor University has been keeping a cruel tradition alive for the past 80

years, using live wild animals as mascots. The University brings in bear

cubs to pose as the team mascot for two-year stints, before discarding

them to bring in a new bear cub to be exploited.

Recent videotape footage taken by concerned activists shows the most

recent baby bear, a six-month old cub named Lady, pacing back and forth in

her barren, concrete enclosure as she cries continually. The older bear,

Joy, also paces neurotically in her barren enclosure.

After viewing the video, wildlife biologist Robert Laidlaw has stated,

“Under no circumstances, should a bear be kept in this way. The videotapes

clearly show distressed bears in horrendously substandard conditions. The

housing provided is antiquated and does nothing to satisfy their

biological or behavioural needs. They should be removed and be placed in

more appropriate accommodations elsewhere as soon as possible. In my

opinion, the current situation is extremely cruel.”

Even when the bears are released from their servitude at Baylor, their

fate is uncertain. They may end up at roadside zoos, in canned hunt

facilities, or shunted back to where they came from– Bear Country, USA—a
bear exhibition facility that reportedly sells off its excess bears to a
South Dakota slaughterhouse for the exotic meat trade (according to Alan
Green's expose on the exotic animal trade, Animal Underworld).


Contact Baylor University officials and ask them to end their shameful
tradition of abusing bears for cheap entertainment. Let them know that
Baylor's callous disregard for animal life sets a terrible example for its

1) Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr., President
Office of the President
Baylor University
P.O. Box 97096
Waco, TX 76798-7096
ph: 254-710-3555
fax 254-710-3557

2) Mr. Jerome R. Loughridge, Chief of Staff
(same phone and fax as the President)

3) Larry D. Brumley, Associate Vice President for External Relations

For more information on the campaign to save the Baylor bears, see

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