Chucky, a Father to the Fatherless

Chucky, a Father to the Fatherless:


Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the special men in our lives and the influence they’ve had on us. Whoever they are — parents or stepparents; grandfathers; mentors; or other father figures — these individuals make an enormous difference in our lives, helping to instill our most important values. One such value is compassion and we’ve recently seen it displayed by Chucky (aka Sir Charles) in his uniquely tender relationship with Benedict goat and Scott lamb, two friends in desperate need of a parental figure.   


As you know, farm animals, when given the opportunity, form close-knit relationships with each other, just like humans do. The companionship of family members, whether biological or adoptive, helps them to thrive. Sadly, animals raised for food and other commodities are prevented from experiencing these natural relationships by the industries whose profits depend on separating animal families. At Farm Sanctuary, however, families can stay together forever. Please share this story and help us honor Chucky and the other fathers of Farm Sanctuary. 

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