Clean Cars Agreement Will Keep America Moving Forward in Urgent Race to Cut Climate Pollution

“This is big news: Four automakers and the state of California just got together to take on our greatest challenge. Their leadership puts us on the road to a world that’s safer and healthier, with cleaner air and less climate pollution.

“The clean cars agreement that Ford, Honda, BMW and VW have reached with California will keep our nation moving forward in the urgent race to cut climate pollution. It will help us transition to zero-emitting vehicles while saving Americans hard-earned money at the gas pump.

“The automaker’s agreement with California to deploy clean cars nationwide demonstrates that the Administration’s rollbacks are unwarranted and not based on available technology or real world solutions. We call on all auto companies to join Ford, Honda, BMW and VW as signatories to this important agreement.”

Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund

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