Climate Vote Spotlights Growing Senate Environmental Coalition

On October 30th, in a striking political transformation, Senators from widely diverse states today voted for the bi-partisan McCain Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. Senators from farm states, urban states, auto manufacturing states, and coal states, and leaders from both parties joined together in support of action to make real cuts in greenhouse gas pollution.

"The basis for a winning hand in the Senate is now on the table. We're not out to score a point, we intend to win. Just seven more votes are needed to pass the bill in the Senate," said Environmental Defense president Fred Krupp. "The history of environmental laws shows we gain momentum when these issues leave the back rooms for the sunshine of recorded votes."

"Several dozen of the Senate's most thoughtful and influential members in effect said: You're wrong Senator Inhofe, global warming is real and we need to do something about it. More will do so when pressed by the voters in the 2004 elections," said Peter Goldmark, director of the Environmental Defense global and regional air program.

The Act is the first proposal for a bi-partisan and comprehensive national policy to cut the greenhouse gas pollution disrupting the Earth's climate. An independent M.I.T. analysis puts the low annual estimated cost of the measure at $15-20 per household in 2010. [The complete study can be viewed or downloaded at

For a vote tally click here.

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