Complaint Filed Against Veterinarian In Hen-Shredding Case

On Sunday (11/23), the Los Angeles Times reported that San Diego County's Animal Services Department has filed a formal complaint against Dr. Gregg Cutler, a veterinarian who sits on the animal welfare committee for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). According to Animal Services, Dr. Cutler authorized Ward Egg Ranch to kill 30,000 "spent" hens by shredding them in a wood chipping machine in February 2003. Since the incident, the AVMA has publicly condemned throwing live chickens into a wood chipper. Several animal protection groups are calling for Dr. Cutler 's discipline and dismissal from the AVMA's animal welfare committee.


Contact the AVMA and ask it to investigate the allegations against Dr. Cutler. Ask them to remove Dr. Cutler from the AVMA's animal welfare committee, if the reports that he recommended or authorized the shredding of live hens in a wood chippper machine are found to be true.

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