Cow Cannibals

In 1997 the FDA banned certain practices of feeding rendered bovine meat
to other cows, based on increased likelihood of spreading diseases. Yet,
within the beef industry, it is still a common practice to feed animals
blood, slaughterhouse wastes, and manure. On non-organic dairies it's a
standard practice to wean calves from their mother's milk by feeding
them bovine blood and later feeding slaughterhouse wastes, in order to
maximize profits. The problem here is that the disease can also be found
in the white blood cells.

Adding to the problem, unhealthy animals,
known as "Downer-Cows", are not deemed safe for human consumption, and
are sent off to rendering plants to make oils and animal protein
products. A 2001 study in Germany found that downer-cows were up to 240
times more likely to test positive for Mad Cow Disease. In the U.S.,
only 10-15% of downer-cows are tested for the disease.

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