"Cyber-Bully" Neiman Marcus Tries To Shut Down Neimancarcass.Com Web Site

The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. has filed a domain name dispute to shut down the web sites NeimanCarcass.com, NeimanCarcass.org, and NeimanCarcass.net, which are critical of the company's sale of fur products. The disputed domains, which are owned by The Fund for Animals, use the parody "Neiman Carcass" to protest the retailer's cruel and unnecessary sale of fur. Although parody and satire are protected forms of speech, Neiman Marcus argues in its complaint that the "Neiman Carcass" site competes with its business because it provides informational links to other animal protection organizations, some of which sell merchandise on their own web sites.

Read more about Neiman Marcus trying to stifle criticism of its fur sales.

See the web site that is the subject of the domain dispute.

Take action and tell Neiman Marcus to stop selling fur.

Watch The Fund for Animals' three-minute musical cartoon parody on fur. ",”

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