Dolphin Watching Cuts Dolphin Deaths

Dolphin-watching has begun to supplant dolphin-killing in Futo, Japan,
where a fisherman (and former dolphin-killer) has successfully launched a
dolphin-watching tourism venture.

The tours,
led by Izumi Ishii, are meant to persuade other fishermen in Japan that
saving dolphins can be more profitable than engaging in the annual
"dolphin drives,"in which hundred of dolphins are driven from the sea
onto the shore to be stabbed to death. However, some fishermen, encouraged
by the captive dolphin industry (which pays handsomely for dolphins
captured in the drives) still insist on capturing and killing dolphins.

This year, the Japan Fisheries Agency granted Futo fishermen a quota of
600 dolphins to kill or capture and sell into captivity. Although the Futo
fishermen have said that they will kill only sixty dolphins, this is still
sixty too many.

Go to: for more info on how you can support dolphin
tourism, and to send an email protesting the dolphin drives, go to:

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