Don’t Let Bush Undermine Mining Regulations

Mining is the largest waste producing industry in the country, responsible

for leaking huge amounts of cyanide, arsenic and other toxins into surface

water and groundwater. Several years ago, a flock of over 340 snow geese

died after landing in a contaminated lake in Butte, Montana —- autopsies

showed that the extreme acidity of the water actually ate away the throats

of the geese. Even today, new mines are being proposed immediately

adjacent to people’s homes, upwind from elementary schools, in fragile

desert ecosystems, and amidst the wild lands which provide a home to our

few remaining grizzly bears. Because of this dire environmental and

health threat, the government established new mining safeguards in

January, following four years of public comments, intensive research,

debate, and study. Unfortunately, after just weeks in office, President

Bush and Interior Secretary Gale Norton, capitulating to the mining

industry, put forth a proposal to suspend these new safeguards. If they

are successful, they will perpetuate the mining industry’s vast

environmental devastation, and they will make taxpayers (rather than the

mining industry) responsible for the current $1 billion in cleanup costs.


Please send your comments by May 7th to the Bureau of Land Management

(BLM) and to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, asking them NOT to suspend

the current mining regulations.

Write to:

  • Director (630), BLM

    Administrative Record 401 LS

    1849 C St. NW

    Washington, DC 20240

  • Secretary Norton U.S. Department of the Interior

    1849 C St. NW

    Washington, D.C. 20240 . You can also email your comments through:

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