EARTH, Is It Done Yet?

The envelope was from the EPA. Inside was a letter. Reading it, I suddenly felt like a character in some science fiction story. The story line is about an imaginary time and place where a demented suicidal race mistakenly turns their atmosphere into a slow-baking convection oven that is destroying their world and reducing all life forms to mummified husks.

Imagine my horror when I realized something similar is really happening to the Earth this very moment. And the insane race of suicidal beings is none other than us!

There it was in large bold letters! An official statement from the EPA telling me and anyone else who cares to read it that the United States Government and the global scientific community, represented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has officially accepted the reality of"Global Warming"and acknowledged the probable consequences.

The letter goes on to tell us that though we have heard a lot about this subject and our changing climate, things are likely to get a whole lot worse before they ever get better. The EPA has prepared a new publication to address the situation"because global warming poses real threats to human health and the environment". The said publication hopes to"help people appreciate the seriousness of global warming"and to help"the public, businesses and policy makers to be well informed".

The fact that Big Brother had removed his head from the sand on this issue is a singular event. Why? Well, we all know that politicians, bureaucrats and big business, corporate fat cats never say the"sky is falling,"if it really is falling, unless the fecal matter is about an inch away from hitting the fan!

What a shock this must be to mainstream media! They've all been lulled into total comatose denial. Any self respecting journalist in the few remaining news rooms across America will yawn and tell you the so-called"greenhouse"effect and the goblin referred to as"global warming"are merely"naturally occurring phenomena that have happened time and time again throughout the eons. So what's the big deal?"

According to our new and official EPA statement, the big deal is simply this: Human activities are adding greenhouse gases

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