Eggs-Citing News About Our Trader Joe’s Campaign

I'm excited to tell you about a major victory in our No Battery Eggs campaign: Thanks to your actions over the past four months, Trader Joe's has agreed to purchase only cage-free eggs for its own brand of eggs, which are sold in more than 200 stores nationwide. The result? An estimated 380,000 laying hens—who provide the more than 100 million Trader Joe's brand eggs sold each year—will be spared lives of suffering in tiny battery cages.

Trader Joe's has agreed that within three months:

  • All Trader Joe's brand eggs will be converted to cage-free eggs.
  • Any egg promotions by Trader Joe's will be devoted solely to cage-free egg sales.

With these actions, Trader Joe's has taken a positive step that will have a meaningful effect on animal welfare. By converting its store-brand eggs to cage-free, the company will help reduce the number of birds confined in cruel battery cages.

While Trader Joe's did stop short of adopting a total cage-free egg policy, the company proved to us that it is serious about improving the lives of laying hens. We understand that sometimes change happens a step at a time, and we applaud Trader Joe's for making this strong move.

The fact is, we couldn't have achieved this tremendous victory for laying hens without participation by animal advocates across the country. I cannot thank you enough. This campaign is more proof that caring people have a voice in how animals are treated in this country.


Wayne Pacelle

President & CEO

The Humane Society of the United States

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