Environmental Defense and ITDP Honor Seoul Mayor Myung-Bak Lee for Sustainable Transport Practices

At a public reception on Sunday, January 22, Myung Bak Lee, the Mayor of Seoul, Korea will be honored with the 2006 Sustainable Transport Award for his leadership in dramatically enhancing Seoul's livability through improvements to its mass transportation system and public spaces.

In Seoul, a city of over ten million, Mayor Lee replaced a 4-mile elevated highway that once covered the Cheonggyecheon River in the city center with a riverfront park, high quality walkways, and public squares. Exclusive median bus lanes have been put on 36 miles of congested streets, speeding transit, and the city government is now planning to add additional bus lanes as part of a broader initiative to improve all aspects of the city's bus system.

Mayor Lee belongs to a new generation of bold mayors and governors around the world who are tackling seemingly intractable problems like traffic gridlock and air pollution

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