EPA Aviation Emissions Decision Must Accompany Global Leadership at ICAO #ClimateChange

In response to the US Environmental Protection Agency decision officially confirming aviation’s contribution to climate change, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Brad Schallert, deputy director for international climate policy: “EPA’s long-awaited endangerment finding sets the stage for the US to finally begin regulating its contribution to global aviation emissions -- the fastest-growing source of carbon pollution on the planet. The US already limits carbon emissions from other modes of transportation like cars and trucks, so today’s move is plain common sense. “EPA must adopt more stringent aircraft CO2 standards than the weak UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carbon dioxide standards agreed to in February. Merely matching those guidelines is insufficient. If the EPA is to fulfill its obligations under this endangerment finding to protect public health and welfare, then it must go further.” “The Administration needs to build on this announcement and redouble its efforts to negotiate a successful market-based measure before ICAO’s October meeting. We can't afford a repeat of the weak ICAO carbon dioxide standard."  

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