Federal Court May Hold Park Service In Contempt Over Snowmobiles

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has issued a "show cause" order
asking the National Park Service to explain why it should not be held
in contempt for allowing more snowmobiles into Yellowstone National
Park than were allowed by the court's order of two months ago. Judge
Sullivan had ordered in December that only 493 snowmobiles be allowed
in the park per day, pending "further order of the court."

Nonetheless, relying on a recent order by another court in Wyoming
that simply instructed the NPS to develop "fair and equitable"
snowmobile rules, the NPS began last week permitting 780 snowmobiles
to enter Yellowstone per day. Judge Sullivan chided the government's
"nonchalant" attitude toward his order, and scheduled a contempt
hearing for March.

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