Fund Goes To Court Over Yellowstone Snowmobiles

The Fund for Animals has gone back to court to challenge the federal
government's decision to overturn a decade-long planning process that
resulted in the phase-out of snowmobiles in Yellowstone and
surrounding national parks.

The new decision will permit unlimited
snowmobile use and trail grooming to continue to devastate Yellowstone
and its unique wildlife–including bison, elk, grizzly bears, gray
wolves, Canada lynx, and bald eagles–this upcoming winter. Thousands
of Yellowstone bison have died in recent years after using the groomed
trail system–created by using machines to pack 25-foot-wide
snowroads–to leave the park and enter Montana, where they have been
slaughtered by federal and state officials. Since 1985, more than
3,200 Yellowstone bison have been gunned down or trucked to

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