Go Inside the Calif. Wildlife Center

Video Tour: Meet the wild animals at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif.

 Get an insider’s view of The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., as Director Ali Crumpacker introduces you to the animals in our care there with a brand new video tour of the facility.

Ali will give you a sneak peek at the wild nature of some of the hundreds of animals rehabilitated at the center every year. Go into the rehabilitation enclosure of a red-tailed hawk recovering from a concussion and getting stronger every day. Be there the very moment orphaned coyotes are released back into the wild.

“Most of the animals who come to us,” she says, “either they’ve been orphaned or abandoned, they’ve been hit by a car. Unfortunately, some of them have been poisoned or shot…. We want to maintain, as much as possible, their wild nature.”

As you walk around the 14-acre rural facility, you’ll also catch glimpses of some of the 76 permanent residents in action. Watch Samson the lion playing with his unusual Christmas toys and Hannah the hippo in her mud wallow. Spot Sheba, a very outgoing cougar, rolling her own toy pumpkin around with her nose. Go inside the unique habitat of San Nicolas Island feral cat colony, where these smaller feline residents lounge in the trees, hide among rocks and get acquainted with the ways of house cats.

Please watch the video above, and join us for a few minutes in Ramona, where we’re working to keep animals wild at heart.

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