GOP Platform Would Radically Undermine Environmental Protection & Climate Action – #EPA #CleanWater

On Monday, the GOP’s official 2016 platform brought the party one step closer toward Donald Trump by outlining extreme policies which undermine environmental protection and climate action. Like Trump, the platform goes above and beyond to express contempt for the need to tackle the climate crisis, and even proposes a concrete method for eliminating the EPA by turning it into a toothless “commission.” 

In Response, Sierra Club Political Director Khalid Pitts Released the Following Statement:

“If this extremist platform were ever actually implemented, it would imperil clean air and clean water for all Americans. Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, and now the Republican Party has codified a radical and dangerous path to enable Trump and his anti-environmental ideology.

“This double-dealing platform both praises NASA while simultaneously rejecting the scientific consensus on the climate crisis, which NASA has affirmed time and time again. The Republican platform has gone beyond partisan politics and extended into cartoonish absurdity. Any voter who cares about our climate has to help make sure that Donald Trump never becomes President, and that this platform never gets near a piece of legislation.”

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